Tony (Tonestepa) has an infinite knowledge of studio equipment, drums, keyboards and guitars as well as music production. The first time I listened to Tony’s track, he didn’t tell me that he was the producer, so I was literally amazed by the sounds and the creativity of that tune, and I asked him who was the genius composer and producer who made it!

I firmly convinced that Tony has more skills than he shows and with his knowledge and taste he can work with every musical team in every field of music.

Emilio Merone

(Piano player, composer, music producer, arranger.)

It has been my total pleasure performing and writing with Antony Silcock (Tonestepa) for over 15 years. He is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist and has accompanied me on radio, live and TV appearances. He is also one of the most amazing producers, whose ability to create such a broad range of styles is incredible. What I love the most about working with him beyond his amazing musical abilities is the fact that he has a natural intuition with artists and he is a reliable, and fun team player.

Trudi Veremu

(Mosiamo Project, TIN, Element Seventy Nine (Artistic Development)

Compelling keyboard arrangement and music production for the 175 Years celebration at Macmillan with the company theme song commission ‘We’re Macmillan’.

Milan Wielinga 

(Former Head of International Education – Macmillan Publishers / Springer Nature)

A deeply visceral rhythmic, wraithy evocation.

Saul Bleaeck

(Staff Writer – Ghostpile: Review of Dark Angel)